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Welcome to our online registartion system. It is divided into 3 active steps. 1st step (this page) is where you pick and choose options and payment type. 2nd step is where you fill in your details. Step 3 (payment) will be made using Paypal and you will be redirected to to complete the payment. Also you can use pay via Credit Card.

If you have any questions about registration or payment please contact us at If you are experience technical issues with registartion or payment please contact the Webmaster directly.


Total price: 300 EUR

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Terms & Conditions

Payment costs:

The cost of stay (cost of stay includes: training process in accordance to he program elaborated by Organizer, consultation in the day of registration (August 4) Farewell festive dinner)

35 (thirty-five) Euro per day if paid for each day of your stay, that during the whole period of 350 (three hundred and fifty Euro).

300 Euro for ten days if one-time payment.

Payment procedure and return policies:

Payment is made in the following order:

In case of booking before June 20, 2017 The athlete pays thirty (30)% of the total cost. The remaining amount of seventy (70) percent is payable no later than 17 July 2017. In case of booking after 17 of July, 2017, The Athlete pays 100% of the cost not later than three (3) days from the date of filing of the application on the site. The payment of the camp is a confirmation that athlete accepts all the terms and conditions of his stay in the camp. If cancellation of booking made up to 08.01.2017, the amount of pre-payment of 30% of the total booking amount is non-refundable. For cancellations made from 01 to 7 of August, 2017, the pre-payment of 50% of the total booking amount is non-refundable. For cancellations after August 7, 2017 the amount of payments will not be refunded. Payment is made to the following account based on the invoice. In case of payment on W5 site by means of a credit card or other payment instrument athlete must possess of the document which confirms his payment for the camp.

Provisions on stay:

Training process According to the program elaborated by Organizer

Food Not included

The administration has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the training process. All the necessary outfit and sports ammunition for training is provided by athlete himself. Registration time at the camp's location is August 04, 2017, from 5 PM to 7 PM, at the address: Bulevar Jaše Tomića 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia. Athlete must have a document confirming payment, ID document, insurance for the duration of stay in the camp taking into account the specificity of sport.

Miscellaneous provisions:

By signing this Agreement I agree to the use of my image (photo, video, other) and information about me for promotional purposes of the Organizer and for the purposes World version W5 promotional companies. Hereby I confer the rights on the Organizer to use photos or videos with content of my image for production image, banners, posters, leaflets , any other printed matter, advertising on radio, television, the Internet, social networking, sports goods and souvenir items (pens, notebooks, clothing, boxes, covers for CDs, books and so on.) Regardless of the legal jurisdiction of the location of the camp, all disputes under this Agreement are resolved based on the location of the Organizer.

Hereby I give my consent to the processing and storage of my personal data.

Coaching stuff and fighters
Vlad Tuinov
Chadin's school
Andrey Chadin
Chadin's school
Nathan Corbett
Misa Baculov
Andrey Stoica
Bogdan Stoica
Mike Van Itterzon
Darryl Sichtman
Cosmo Alexandre
About summer boot camp

Let’s become a part of W5 Professional Kickboxing Team!

Get involved in W5 Summer boot camp in Serbia!

Find yourself among similar-minded people, famous athletes, and coaches!

This training program is specially designed for professionals in order to improve their skills, as well as for kickboxing fans and amateurs to study and develop technical and tactical abilities.

For all professional athletes, W5 Professional Kickboxing promotion presents the unique opportunity to become the best of the best and sign a contract for participation in W5 tournaments.

The training process and sparring sessions will be held under the supervision of high experienced coaches, Mike van Itterzon (The Netherlands), Nathan Corbett (Australia), Misa Baculov (Serbia), Faldir Chahbari (The Netherlands) and coach of Vladislav Tuinov, Andrey Chadin (Russia). Thus, everyone will be able to receive individual advice from the masters who prepare champions.

W5 Summer boot camp program:

Photos of the training process (indoor, outdoor, ring)

  • 3 workouts per day (functional and technical), accompanied by professional trainers
  • Sparring sessions
  • Exclusive sessions with famous fighters
  • Evening seminars, discussions of famous bouts, controversial issues, etc. using video materials
  • Photos, interviews (ring, press-wall, studio)
  • Daily photo and video reports onW5 own resources and in social media (, FB, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Short live broadcasts of training and workshops at W5 owned resources and in social media
  • Participation in the thematic programs in the W5 studio
  • Last night program and banquet
  • Awarding procedure and commemorative certificates of a successful completion of the W5 Summer boot camp
  • Special commemorative certificates and gifts to the winners in various categories

Visa regime for entering Serbia

Dear Guests of W5's Summer Bootcamp in Novi Sad, Serbia, which will be held from August 4-14. We would like to draw your attention to visa requirements.

Most countries do not need a visa to enter Serbia for stays between 30-90 days, depending on which country you are a citizen of. However, in order for you to be certain if you need one or not W5 recommends that you check out the Serbian Foreign Affair's page. Just follow the link posted above and find your country. This is the most up-to-date information and this page also gives good information on medical insurance and if you plan on driving there.

You can also write to W5 at and we will be more than happy to help you in any way. W5 looks forward to seeing you at this years summer camp!


Novi Sad Fair Hajduk Veljkova 11, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

+381 21 4830000